NFL Draft story

The NFL draft is in KC this week and I guess there has been quite the turnout. One of the guys in my bike group did a little moonlighting as a bartender at a party hosted by Roger Goddell. Movers and shakers from all over the country were in attendence at an event that was going to make 22 year old multimillionaires pretty much overnight. It was an open bar, so the drinks were flowing. He made $3 in tips

no body carries cash anymore

Isn’t a gratuity added to the bill for an open bar?


That was my thought. However, apparently it is not necessarily the case.

I’ve been to over 30 weddings and they all had an open bar with a tip jar. I’ll usually tip $10 or $20 with my first drink so the bartender remembers me. My wife’s company sponsored an exhibit at the Field museum in Chicago when we were dating, they had a party the night before the public opening with an open bar but you weren’t allowed to tip. It was pretty fancy.