NFL Draft ... Standings

The Falcons won the final and meaningless game against the Bucs.
This ?win? cost them a position in the Draft.

Do some hopeless teams lose end of season games on purpose?
Should the final 1 or 2 games not count in the draft for teams not making the Playoffs? or maybe teams in the bottom third of End of Season Standings? Does this effect the play of hopeless teams against potential contenders?

I know, needs more clarification but hopefully you understand the point.

They’re not supposed to, but I’m sure it happens. It was one of the allegations of the Flores lawsuit.

It was suspected in the NHL but never proven, due to some suspicious losses by teams out of the playoffs, To reduce the chance of teams tanking, the NHL implemented a draft lottery for the bottom ten teams (with chances based on losses) in the mid-1990s. Since then, the worst teams got the first pick maybe half the time. Due to team complaints, the NHL limited how far a team could drop in the lottery.

This is an interesting site to track the pro sports draft positions and mock drafts.

I Remember when Andrew Luck was coming out of college there was a cry of “suck for Luck” going around.