NFL Coaches fired this week

Other than Denver who’s is also gone this week?

Hackett was gone right after Christmas

For the obvious answer, if Jeff Saturday is not fired, Jim Irsay needs to have his head examined.

Best beard in football is gone.
Lovie Smith.
IMO, he wasn’t given a fair chance. I think the Texans ownership is starting to look like a dumpster fire.

Starting to look? They have been a dumpster fire for a while.

At the same time, hiring Smith never made sense for where they were. It was predictable that he would last long as David Cully did.

Rumor is they were looking at hiring Brian Flores (who IMO is not really a good coach either), but when he filed his lawsuit they got spooked.

From what I read, Smith had a four-year contract, but I couldn’t find financial terms. I hope it was a big contract and he gets paid a lot not to coach the Texans, just like David Cully before him.

Saturday is interim, right? No job to fire him from.

In that case, he should be told he will not be considered for the full-time job.

Looks like Kingsbury in AZ is gone.
Rumor is Vance Joseph will get another shot.

I have read articles making the case that Joseph is not the best hire for what the Cardinals need now. The overall theme is that they need to hire from the outside for both their GM and head coach positions.

For another franchise, Ron Rivera should probably be fired in Washington, but the latest speculation is that he will be retained while Daniel Snyder looks to sell the team.

Ya, I wouldn’t hire from within.

He is probably safe, as somewhat of a calming influence in the organization.

Read that the Texans have asked to interview Lions’ Offense Coord Ben Johnson about their head coach spot.

The Lions did have good offense this year.

I haven’t heard Eric Biennamy’s (Chiefs OC) name floated around yet.
Maybe he is done with token interviews.

Titans fired their OC.
I can’t really see him being a problem.
They literally had a practice squad guy (although a literal rocket scientist) as their QB at the end of the year, and their 1st string QB was no supermodel either.

Bieniemy has had plenty of interviews during the past two cycles. Going on memory, during one cycle every team with an opening interviewed him and in another almost every team did. Some of those interviews may have been just to satisfy the Rooney Rule, but I can not believe that every team that interviewed him did not do so without any intentions of seriously considering him as a candidate. There are any number of reasons that some teams may have opted to go with another candidate after considering him.

Follow up.
Isray just interviewed Bienemy.
I think he gets the Colts job.