Next pandemic likely

Probably be blamed on climate change instead of our tinkering with viruses and another lab leak

The benefit of course is a well-funded public health. As a politician said, don’t let a crisis go to waste

Yes, like the scam plandemic of covid 19, the next one is already planned and written about in a Johns Hopkins paper entitled “The SPARS pandemic 2025-2028”

In reality, the SPARS paper is a near perfect play book for the covid drama we have been thru.

Somehow I suspect the next one is going to be a lot tougher to sell. Precisely because all the draconian measures foisted on the world did NOT work. Masks are useless. Isolation did not help. Washing hands etc did not work. But most of all, the purported cure for the made-up pandemic not only did NOT work, but it (mRNA therapy) is down right dangerous and has killed more people than all the other vaccines in the history of VAERS, put together! The amazing part is that in spite of the horrific record of covid19 shots, they are still pushing people to take them!

Not likely with the leftist spin cycle