New way to collect taxes

I was going to bring this up on another thread but I didn’t want to derail it.
One of the best ways to make the country significantly more fiscally responsible is to remove the income tax and put the burden on the states.
My way of doing this is only allow the government to collect taxes based upon GDP.
The tax rate for the year would be 17-19% of the previous three years GDP.
The Feds would calculate each States percentage of GDP and levy taxes on each state using that formula.
Then, each state could determine how they want to collect that money; i.e. income tax, sales tax, fees, corporate tax, property tax, etc.
Say the average GDP is $100,000,000,000, the allowable revenue that can be collected is, 19,000,000,000. Say Texas is responsible for 10% of the GDP, then they must pay the Feds 190,000,000, but they get to decide how they collect that from their citizens.

Those southern red states would be in for a rude awakening under this plan.