New TV

Buying new TV soon. What would you look for? Criteria?

I no longer have my wife to keep me from doing stupid shit. I did find this.

Hopefully the retailers’ stock is replenished. My TV crapped out right after the most recent stimulus checks went out, and the sets I would have bought were out of stock.

I went into the stores, looked at the screens themselves, and then started digging up reviews on Google.

Our last one crapped out just a few months before prices dropped. But we had no idea at the time.

I put one in my Costco cart to buy online yesterday, then when I went to purchase, it said it was out of stock. Then I tried another and got the same result. I’ll probably have to stop by one of the stores.

Even then don’t fall in love with anything until the sales clerk tells you it is in stock.

Had multiple disappointments in both Costco and Target.

Maybe things happen for a reason. I ended up with a much cheaper set that works just fine.

I look for closeout TV deals and typically pick the LG or Samsung. I’m so blind that HD still looks amazing to me, though if I were to buy I’d surely go 4k. My girlfriend’s tv cost $1800 a few months ago and while it does look amazing, it doesn’t look $1800 amazing.

We bought our two current TVs, both Samsung, from Costco. I suggest visiting a Costco store. My last trip there, they had a lot of TVs. They also extend one year warranties to two, and add two more years if you buy with a Costco Visa.

We like the Samsung picture, but the sound from the living room TV is a little inconsistent. I’d buy a sound bar if I had a place for one, but would buy another Samsung TV. Our prior TV was a Vizio, which we really liked until it experienced the Vizio ‘crack of death’ (bolt of electricity arced from the TV to the metal stand) and left only the smell.

Be sure to consider all the possible peripheral equipment you might attach and be sure you have enough of the right ports. We only have one HDMI and one USB port, probably because the TV is now 8-10 years old. I could use more. The resolution is 1920x1080 and, while the 4K pictures are great, I am not sure I could really distinguish between them.

We’re TV space limited, so our largest is 37" and a 26" in the bedroom. The next one will be 40" because the exterior of the 40" TV today is the same as the 37" we have.

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We currently have a 32", which was huge when we got it, but small these days. Now, I have trouble seeing things on the screen, reading words and menus.

Watch some YouTube videos that are in 4K on your girlfriends TV. The picture is not amazing but is rather stunning/spectacular.

I love fancy new tech, but I still cannot get excited about 4k, even so many years after its invention. I’m not convinced there is adequately prolific programming for it, and I think I would just end up spending significantly more $$ for a feature I would rarely get the benefit of.

Also more refined tech in 4k with way more pixels…stands to reason these devices may lose their luster or have issues sooner. I have the same concern with overteched cars…more fancy stuff = more stuff that can break & cost $$ to repair.

HD was an amazingly big step in the evolution of resolution/clarity, but 4k feels like diminishing returns to me.

Indeed the screen content has evolved for bigger screens. Kind of sucks, because I would prefer a smaller screen as well, maybe closer to 42”.

What is your criteria @mcarley ?

Is this for a home theatre room? Watching live sports? Main TV or a secondary bedroom TV?

We have outfitted a couple of beach condos in the last 2 years and built out a home theatre in my primary residence, and the requirements are much different.

I was asking what criteria I should care about because I haven’t bought one in a while. Basically, we have a fairly narrow room, use it for Netflix and such, may give up the cable soon when we get the new TV, not sure.

I bought a 58 for the living room last year. I considered upgrading to 65-70. TV’s are dirt cheap these days. I think the samsung 58 was like $350. We also bought 42" TVs for the bedroom. We opted for smart TV and finally cut the $125 direct TV bill.


I got a Chromecast and an Apple TV, both of which work as good alternatives to smart tv.

I’ll never go back on the cable/satellite subscription. Good riddance!

Yes, but you are the one with the requirements. For example:

If sports are important, you want 120Hz natural refresh rate. Dont get 120Hz artificial rate.

If Netflix, YouTube TV, Hulu are important then you need smart TV with OS that has those apps (Samsung, LG, etc.)

If you want to use external devices like Chromecast, AppleTV, Roku then pick one with a lot of HDMI ports.

Are you going to be gaming on the TV? If so, you want really high refresh rate with low graphic latency,

Things like this…

I failed to get that on a tv we bought several years ago.

We bought this TV a few months back for the living room. Our viewing distance is around 14’ and it seems a nice size, large but not overwhelming. The picture quality is beyond just good. It seems to be a real hit among the techie reviewers too. I posted the info from amazon although we got ours from Best Buy as they had the better price at the time.

The TCL with Roku is a great TV for the price.

What are the bad consequences of that failure?

(I don’t watch a huge amount of sports these days, but I like to get what Broncos games I can and we host the annual Super Bowl party)

The picture during sports (or fast moving movies) just isn’t that crisp, is the best way to say it.

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I also have [quote=“Bears54, post:17, topic:20646, full:true”]

The TCL with Roku is a great TV for the price.

I also have a TCL with the Roku. Not sure if it is 49 or 50 inches. It is indeed a great TV with a very easy to use remote control with very few buttons.