New Facebook scam

Lately on Facebook I’ve been adding members of my bike group and some of my former coworkers as friends on Facebook. I sent a request to one of my old bosses and she accepted. A couple of days later I got a friend request from her, but there were no photos. Sometimes people get hacked and create a new profile, so I accepted. The following day I got a private message from ‘her’

At first she asked how my family was, and the she told me that she was given a $100,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in their program to eradicate poverty…and she said that she noticed that MY name was on the list. Scam alert went off in my head. I responded that I’m living very comfortably in retirement so they can just give the money to someone else. “But the money is yours…you should take it” they responded. So I replied:

I really don’t need the money since I won the Irish Sweepstakes. I am pretty much set for life. And I’ll be in even better shape once the transaction I am working on with a NIgerian prince is completed. He needed me to transfer several million dollars in gold to the US from NIgeria, and when it’s done, I should net another couple of million, so really…I don’t need the $100,000. I didn’t get any more messages.

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