New data should lead to new policies

Today is Thursday, by Monday the CDC should come out with a statement/recommendation that fully vaccinated people can forego masks.

I’ll be fully vaccinated in 2 weeks and I’ll likely wear a mask for a few more months just to placate people around me. And I’ll be required to wear one at work probably rest of year anyway.

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Likewise. I think it’s silly but I will also obey my employer and I think placating people can be a positive thing.

I definitely think the vaccine is more efficacious than a mask was.

Here’s the problem: we have mask mandates in place and no way to know who’s vaccinated. The virus is still quite prevalent. You can’t enforce anything if those who’ve had the vaccine get a pass, unless you want some kind of vaccine get out of mask free card, which you have already been arguing against.

So get rid of the mandates.
Simple solution.

And see the infection rate go up. They’re pretty high in FL, the state you’ve been promoting.

They are in the same range as most of the East Coast, except for Mississippi, which lifted its mask mandate and their infection rate is lower than their neighbors.

Florida is getting ready to open up vaccines for everybody.
They were the model for handling the pandemic, and they are showing that they are among the top in administering the vaccine.

I got my first one yesterday at a Indian tribe. They were allotted thousands more than they have tribal members and they opened it up to the white man.

Locally there is still an official city mask mandate but everyone has basically reopened. Compliance here is maybe 25%. People just don’t care anymore. Their grandma has either gotten the vaccine or already died from covid so they just don’t give a shit anymore. My grandma (84) and my wife’s grandma (92), both got the covid and no big deal. My grandma is not going to take the vaccine. Wife’s grandma lives in assisted living and she got the vaccine in addition to getting covid.

Florida’s 7-day case rate / pop is more than double California’s. I’ll take masks for another month or so.

California moved to the East Coast?

Can’t do that. That would require governments to give up control the citizens have foolishly ceded to them, and that is impossible.

I am not naive enough to think that the CDC will revise a policy based upon data and research.