Need a good radar detector

Not for me, for my out of control girlfriend. I have a 20 year old Valentine One which was the best available at that time. Wondering if I should get her a new one of those.

Lot of cops are using laser these days. I’d save the money & simply slow down around turns & before hilltops, which is how most cops hide.

Cruise control is what works for me. If you’re in a place where you’d be tempted to speed, set it at 7 miles over the limit and you avoid tickets.

I had a good run for 10 years, including getting off the hook with warnings, but recently got busted twice in a 3-month period.

My most recent bust was in a large city where I have never seen any cops posted for speeders — in over two years of routinely driving through. He never even had the “do you know why I pulled you over” or “do you know how fast you were going” conversation. Just “I had you over the limit, here’s your ticket sign here.”

Due to the panic- & lockdown-driven recession, cities & states are starved for revenue and certainly on the hunt for every drop of juice they can squeeze out of the citizenry. I would expect most cops are under pressure to issue tickets & not give warnings.

There are radar detectors that detect Laser, I’ll probably just get her a modern Valentine One.

Telling her to slow down or use cruise control is not an option.

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