Nate Silver says it perfectly

Nate is really smart.

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The NY Times is so full of shit the White House has to correct them.

That explains my aunts paranoia. She’s obsessed with The NY Times. She doesn’t believe they’re fake news

I feel sorry for people in that position.

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Data is your friend.

Data and math are the lefts enemy.

It’s good to see Biden wearing a mask for a change.

I think visuals are good when explaining data.

I am curious how many of these didn’t have full protection. This is why booster shots are important. Maybe you had a medication that lowered the protection. With a booster, we can keep people safe.

Also, the protection does wane over time. As such we need boosters.

Yet, Fauci is acting like booster shots are not needed. We have known since the beginning we would need a booster.