Name these celebrities

Can you name the celebrities in this photo? They include actors, singers, and a composer/singer.

Hint: One of them did it his way.

Annett Funicello
Pat Boone
Frankie Avalon
John Denver
Ed Byns

@Sister - Sister, your top three names are correct. The next name on your list has the correct surname but is a different Denver.

Ed Byrnes is also correct

The other person in that photo wrote many songs but one of them was considered to be Frank Sinatra’s signature sing. That is the person I had in mind for the hint in my original post.

That last name is Paul Anka, the other is Gilligan (Bob Denver).

Thanks, I didn’t know Paul Anka,and “Bob” Denver I recognized from the show the Beatniks. I forgot about him on Gilligans Island.

@jimtoo - you are correct. Prior to Gillian’s Island Bob Denver also played the role of the beatnik Maynard Krebs in The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.

I thought I posted earlier that I knew Bob Denver, but it was on my phone, which has been having “unpredictable results” lately.

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