Name the Band old picture

Abbot and Costello plus an unknown Sax Player.

I think that’s Laurel and Hardy.

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I agree. Also don’t know the guy on the left.

I had to look it up. I won’t say who it is, but never in a million years would I have guessed.

Yes to Laurel and Hardy

Oh wow, me either.

Tom Cruise acted in a re-make of his, third guy in picture, most famous War

Next photo to guess.

mickey rooney, shirley temple and judy garland

3 for 3

  1. Would you like to live here? And 2. can you guess where it is?

The third guy was a great Citizen and used radio to scare a population

That ought to give it away.

Probably not, if I had to guess either Dubai or Japan.

I think Dubai. Is the 3rd guy Orson Welles?

Yes he is

Nope and nope.


he is not famous for music

I looked it up, it might have been in my top five or six guesses.