Name that celebrity

Stiller and Meara (Jerry and Ann).

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@jimtoo - that is correct. I remember when they looked like that.

I recognized them from their many appearances on Ed Sullivan and The Tonight Show.

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Same here. One of the few celebrity couples to stay married. Over 60 years. And back in the 50’s she converted from Catholicism to Judaism…apparently she was very serious about it. In reading about their personal life, Stiller, who was Jewish from birth, had said being married to her has made him more Jewish.

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It was sad when Anne Meara went years back & Stiller had so many years to live as a widower.

They were great actors.


Looks like Vivian Vance?

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This is a building instead of a person but it is very famous

I want to say NYC, close to Central Park?

flat iron building in Manhattan

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@Weenut1 - Yes, it is the flatiron building whose triangular shape allowed it to fill the wedge shaped property at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway in Manhattan. I walked by it many times when we lived in Manhattan and was always impressed by its uniqueness.

Donna Reed show

I am from New York area and worked there before moving to Atlanta

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Donna Reed, Paul Petersen, Carl Betz (?)

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@Weenut1 @jimtoo

Yes, it is Donna Reed, Paul Peterson, and Carl Betz of the Donna Reed Show. I think Paul Peterson looks so much like the actor that plays his father on the show.

The Photo says Judith Blum. Judge Judy. :grin:

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One of the richest women in America.

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@Sister - you are correct. Two of my favorite quotes from Judge Judy are:

“Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining “

“Beauty fades, dumb is forever.”

I heard she’ll fly to New York, tape a few months of shows over a few weeks then goes back to Florida for over $12 million a year.