Name a dish

Chipped beef on toast!

A few things my family ate in the 1970’s that I haven’t had in years is Jello, sloppy Joe’s, cherry torte (kind of like cheese cake with canned cherry pie filling on top) and lots of casseroles.

Something on a shingle?

Yep, keeping it PG for bridgemaven’s sake.

My buddy used to make that with venison jerky, damn tasty.

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Scrambled egg sandwiches, anything involving liver, and even a full bird roast chicken.

Granted, these haven’t fully disappeared, but they survive today only fractionally.

My dad was in the military. The story was, the cooks said to stop complaining about the food. So at breakfast, they nailed one of the eggs to the wall.

I suspect most people wouldn’t know what to do with a full bird anymore.

strawberry zabaglione - one of the best desserts ever!

Tuna Noodle Casserole…

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I still make them from time to time

Agreed. That is why Julia Child’s 700-page masterpiece is so invaluable.

That is how I learned to roast full birds, cook French omelettes, make beef stew in red wine, and cook myriad vegetables so that they taste delicious rather than disgusting.

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Slightly different than cooking a full bird, but my wife makes amazing fried chicken, and when we have guests over for it they are amazed that she starts with a whole chicken and is able to butcher it.

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I get similar reactions when I carve the thing. It is funny to me to see people’s jaws drop, as if this is some kind of magic trick. Any skill is possible to develop with practice, conditioning, and/or trial-&-error. Just requires some imagination & motivation.

I’ll spatchcock and smoke a whole bird at least once a month. IMO it’s better than rotisserie chicken and has crispy skin, plus it’s fun to say spatchcock.

We never ate liver growing up, but often had liver sausage on crackers or on a sandwich.

I love braunschweiger, but nobody in my house will eat it besides me.
The best is when you get it from a local butcher.

I don’t find plain liver particularly tasty, although I eat it for health reasons. I think liver mixed in with ground beef or sausage would be a nice dish, but I have no idea where to find prepared versions of this.

I don’t have my own meat grinder, so am unlikely to experiment for myself any time soon.

I love pork liver sausage and fried chicken livers, but I absolutely HATE beef liver.
The last time I had it was in the 90’s in an Army mess hall because there was nothing else to eat and I covered it with mashed potatoes and gravy to mask the taste.