Mystery Magazine Subscription

A few days ago I received a magazine that I did not order. At first I thought the mailman accidentally delivered it to the wrong house but I checked the label and it was addressed to me. Then I checked my credit cards and checking account to see if there were any suspicious charges and there weren’t. I have a monitoring account with experian that notifies me if anyone tries to open an account in my name but that didn’t happen.

In light of the above, can anyone think of a reason why I received a magazine addressed to me that I didn’t order.

I think some magazines use it as a marketing ploy…send a “complimentary” subscription and hope the recipient is impressed enough so subscribe.

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It may really be free as they get most of their revenue from ads. But, it can be annoying and you can try to stop it with the link below.

I’d also keep an eye on every charge on your credit card(s) to make sure you aren’t being charged.

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Was it a mainstream magazine?

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Branchkin - Yes, it is Better Homes and Gardens.

Fred Sanford subscribed to Better Homes and Garbage. Funny show.

My kid didn’t subscribe to but started getting Sports Illustrated and GQ. So did a few of his buddies, one of the mom’s looked into it and they weren’t being charged but it was part of a marketing thing for college students.