My new jersey

It was hot today. We finished by 11:30 but the temps were already in the 90’s and the heat index was “are you kidding me?” I did get to wear my new jersey though.

Screenshot from 2021-07-30 13-51-44


I need to bike more. I use to bike all the time.

What do you recommend for shorts? That is the one item I have yet to find something I really like.

I am not near the expert that KC is, but I have found that as long as I have really high quality boxer briefs on I can ride forever without any chafing. Duluth is the best with top of the line Jockey being second.

Even though I’m a mtb guy I still wear bib shorts with chamois and I make no apologies. My 53 year old ass appreciates it.

CHafing isn’t an issue for me. I have a very muscular ass. Just weird genetics. I have almost zero body fat on my ass.

As such it hurts to ride for a long period of time. Most shorts have some padding but I figure KC bikes more in a weekend than I do in a year.

I use to do a lot but man, I would be sore for days.

When I rode bikes on the police force, it isn’t as physical as you think. You would make 1-2 miles and normally stop for an hour then bike a bit. You weren’t constantly biking.

I wear bib shorts with chamois. I did a 35 mile charity ride this morning and was perfectly comfortable. I also noticed on the ride that lycra isn’t reserved for the rail thin racers. I’m a big guy, but there were bigger guys and some bigger gals wearing it. Because it’s comfortable. You feel weird for about a day. Then you think nothing of it.

Nice job KC!

I intended to trail ride 17+ miles yesterday but when I finished my water bottle at 5 miles, I knew that ride would be short lived. Ended up with 7.5m and happy enough with that.

Full disclosure…I ride an e-bike, but I have an app that I played with and tested today - I can tell the bike how many watts I want to produce and then set a range of assistance…in my test it was between 5% and 79% in ‘eco’ mode. It turned out to be exactly what I wanted my bike to do…The 5% basically offsets the additional weight of the bike, I noticed on hills that it increased assistance. The most I saw was 41% up a steeper hill. The stats at the end of the ride said that my average assistance level was 19%.

The cool part was, I never felt any unnatural “push” up the hills…I just maintained a speed up a hill. The range calculations (in the app and based on battery used) said I could ride about 160 miles on that charge. I will say I had to work a little bit harder, but I got a tenfold increase in satisfaction.