My childhood favorites

I thought the original Lassie TV series with Jeff, his war widowed mother Ellen, and Gramps was so much better than the subsequent Lassie episodes with Timmy and his parents.

Didn’t realize there was one before Timmy.

@branchkin - The original Lassie cast with Jeff, his mother Ellen, and Gramps ran from 1954 to 1957. Then the cast was replaced with Timmy and his parents in 1957.

When I was in grade school I would not go to be until I listened to The Lone Ranger on the radio.

Later I became a fan of Dragnet


GF’s father was a child actor WAY back. He was in one episode of Lassie, along with a bunch of other stuff.

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@Rasputin - Do you get the FETV station? They have reruns of The Lone Ranger

I was this day old, when I found out the story of how the lone ranger and Tonto met.

Pasted: The masked man and Tonto rode from radio to TVwith a ‘hearty heigh-ho Silver, away!’, accompanied by Rossini’s stirring ‘William Tell Overture.’ The series revolves around the lone survivor of an ambush of Texas Rangers, who was found by the Indian Tonto. Tonto helped his ‘kemo sabe’ (trusty scout) right wrongs…all without killing anyone.

I loved that show as a kid.

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The radio Lone Ranger was Brace Beemer broadcasting out of WXYZ in Detroit.

In grades 4-5, maybe 6, I would get home from school and watch the Mickey Mouse Club and American Bandstand. Changed schools for grades 7-8, and I could walk home and catch lunch with Soupy Sales.


I have not listen anything on the radio other than music for many years.

I remember watching reruns of Gilligans Island.
It was one of my favorite things to watch



I always wondered where they sailed on a 3 hour tour that was a place they could never be found.

I had older brothers lol.

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Sky King. I haven’t thought of that one in a long time. There was also


Flipper and another show that was not on too long[ I think]…The Everglades.

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