MY beef with Apple

I have an iPhone 11 that has seen better days. I don’t need the latest and greatest, so I ordered an iPhone 12. My phone has my cycling apps on it and I mount it to the handlebars. So I have a mount and phone case from a company named Topeak. Iti’s a great case and a great mount. And once my new phone gets here, the case is totally useless because the new phone is 0.16 in shorter, 0.16 in and 0.04 in thinner. So now I gotta pay another $70 for a case. I swear that Apple must get a kickback from case manufacturers.

I do not know much about Apple… but whenever we have upgraded, we have skipped a model.
Samsung 3, 5, 7… we stayed at seven for awhile then 21(changed to year) Have you looked at the 13?

One thing we have in common is that I’m pretty frugal, and the 13 was $100 more and I didn’t see what the extra $100 was getting me. I spent 30 years in tech, but I almost a luddite when it comes to cell phones. I use it to text, take pictures and track my bike rides, but I have a 50 inch TV at home if I want to watch something. I went by the bike shop but they don’t have any more cases like the one I have. The recommended a different brand that one of the guys in my group has, so I guess I’ll go with it.

It’s a shame though, the case was much tougher than any other case I’ve had. I really like the brand I had (Topeak) because last April, when I hit an expansion joint and went over the handlebars at about 20 mph, the phone stayed in place and wasn’t damaged at all, despite the bike flipping .

I’ve never tried beef with an apple.

Apple goes good with pork.

also with a nice cheddar.

And a nice Chianti

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Oh no, not with pork and/or cheddar. That cries out for a somewhat tart Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc.

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