Movies that didn't age well

Are there any movies that you loved the first time you saw it but don’t like them anymore?

Most of the movies and TV shows from the 80s don’t age well from a sexual harassment POV. Several sitcoms had it as a recurring theme (Cheers, Night Court, etc). James Bond raped a woman in one of the movies and Revenge of the Nerds included a rape scene in which the victim fell in love with the rapist (one of the heroes of the film).

Blazing Saddles would freak out the snowflakes today. I loved it and still do

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Maybe so, but it is still one of the best movies ever made.

I loved the movie “Love Story” when I first saw it and now think it was a silly movie.

I haven’t seen that. Too simplistic or something?

Watched Look Who’s Talking. That didn’t age well

The characters were shallow and not likable. “Love Story” was known for its line “Love is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry”. At the time I very young and thought it was a great line but now I feel just the opposite. Saying you are sorry is one of the most important components of any relationship.


Not sure I’d say I don’t like it but I see it much differently.


As a kid I was like fuck yeah kick ass.

Now that I’m older, I see a man mistreated by law enforcement who’s suffering from ptsd. He’s damaged from the war.

It was from being an action movie to a drama.

You’re talking about the first one, right? I think it was just called “First Blood?”

Stallone has a weird habit of making good movies then following them up with a bunch of horrible sequels.

The first one was really deep. I missed it as a child

When I was in College Top Gun was the hottest movie at the time. I liked it then, but later on when I saw it again it seemed really cheesy.

Same for Rocky. Best Picture

I liked that line, wife did not.

I think she was right.

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