Motorcycle is ready to ride again

Just in time for fall riding and for the toy runs that are coming up. I built this about 15 years ago and rode it for several years. It was my first chopper, then I got the fever and ended up with 5 motorcycles. When I had other bikes, this one didn’t get ridden as much and I ended up robbing parts from it. I then sold off most of my bikes and kept this one and another one that is still a pile of parts. It has been sitting neglected in my shop for about 10 years. I had to replace all the missing parts and put it back together. I got new rubbers because the others were too old to rely on. It still needs a good wash and wax but it is ready to ride again.

It’s a early 1970’s CB750 engine with aftermarket rigid frame. It is bare bones and fun to ride and typically steals the show at the bike shows.


I have never rode a bike in my life, but if someone offered to teach me on that one, I might give it a try.


It’s not for everyone. There is no rear suspension. It can be a ROUGH ride. There are much better beginner bikes on the market. Plus this one is kick start only. The seat is only 19" off the ground. The power to weight ratio makes this thing pretty fast for 75ish HP, but the faster you go without rear suspension and no rear fender the more sketchy it gets. You have a low center of gravity and it handles corners really well. I would wear the outsides of my boots sole off from dragging the ground while riding the curves.

I am thinking about how to add a rack to hold my AR15…

I am actually thinking about getting a Can Am Spyder (don’t judge).

Here is a video i uploaded to FB

Those things are a joke, just by a convertible. (And yes, I’m judging you. :grin:)

I had a Jeep Wrangler for over 10 years, it was amazing.
But the ride was noisy and stiff, don’t want that for a daily driver anymore.

That rigid frame would be the end of me, too old for that.

Have you rode a three wheeler?

It would be a weekend and maybe a once a week to work vehicle.
Not a daily driver.

A Spyder is way more functional than a motorcycle.

I wanted to try an Elio but it never launched.

Congrats imabass…might want to change your name to imabadass!

Here you go, parrot. They have 3 outlets in and around KC.


This is why you are my favorite.

Some of those are nice.

193HP, 6 speed auto with bump shifter…

That looks like a blast to drive.

Where has this been all my life?

I only know about them because I saw one on the road in the middle of nowhere Colorado and had to find out more about them. It is a serious temptation. Unfortunately, the closest dealer is about 350 miles from here.

This was on one of my fb pages today.

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