Most US Adults Don't Support Student Loan Cancellation

Only 41% of adults in the U.S. support canceling all student loan debt, according to a survey conducted by The Balance on President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) plan. Survey respondents showed support for other policies within the BBB plan such as making prescription drugs more affordable, taxing the rich, making child care affordable, and working to stop climate change, with over 50% support for each of those initiatives. However, student loan cancellation was one of only a handful of policy ideas surveyed to get less than 50% support.

I am against student loan cancelation unless it’s a case of fraud or something simlar.

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I support an entire repeal of PSLF but not the low rate of approvals caused by shoddy record keeping of student loan services.

I understand if the borrower doesn’t keep meticulous records but if the servicer doesn’t, why are they allowed to remain in business

This reminds me of the Army.
The old timers would tell how every time the Army gave pay raises, Rents in off Post Housing would go up.

I would assume that Student loan forgiveness would encourage schools to raise tuition.

What we need is a plan to encourage them to LOWER TUITION.

Student loans aren’t the problem, the high cost of college is.


Part of the problem is high wages of instructors and the many vanity instructors.

We do we need to pay gender studies instructors comparable to real instructors? In Missouri it’s all published.

Another thing that adds to the cost is scholarships for some that increase the cost for others. I have no problem with private scholarships but IMO schools shouldn’t be giving them to people who don’t deserve them.

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School is vastly becoming cost prohibitive for people.

We don’t do a good job of promoting blue collar jobs.


Student loans CAUSED the high cost of college

Agreed this is the other problem

That’s the one they’ve actually focused on so far, private colleges that defrauded their students. DeVos refused to do anything.

I agree with that. Sort of like Army Pay Raises.

I can’t forget the girl who had a $200,000 Student Debt for a Degree in Social Work. Madness?

Loans should take into account the potential ability to pay based on the degree being sought.

And the Degree should matter more than the high priced school being sought.

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The government should be removed from the lending equation. It is too easy for politicians to spend (& underwrite with) other people’s money, and look where that has gotten us.

Private lenders taking their own risks would never have allowed this insanity, because they knew they wouldn’t be repaid.

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THey need to remove the protections from student loans. It is very hard to BK on them.

As such, banks don’t mind the lending a stupid amount of money.

My husband was given a full scholarship as an undergraduate at Case Western Reserve University because he had the highest GPA of the boys in his high school class and was a National Merit Scholarship Finalist. He also received a full fellowship for his PhD in organic chemistry at Yale University based on his college GPA and achievements.

However, my husband has always felt that because he received these scholarships/fellowships based on his academic achievements he has made alumni donations every year to both alma maters and designated that his donations go to their scholarship funds.

As a result my husband has paid a lot more in alumni contributions over the years than he would have paid if he didn’t have these scholarships, and there are probably many other alumni who have done the same.

So I have no problem when scholarships are given to top students. However, it is a very different situation when scholarships are given to mediocre students who are not academically oriented that will probably never graduate from college or earn more money than if they never attended college.