Most exciting play in baseball

It just happened against my Astros but the Rangers center fielder just stole a home run.
Pulled it back from about a foot over the wall.

Exciting baseball is an oxymoron. :grinning:

Playoff baseball is different.

Fyi, I was seriously disappointed with how little I got to watch Blues hockey last year, but the NHL apparently made a deal with ESPN+ for coverage.

I thought that wasn’t allowed?

As long as the ball doesn’t touch anything, the fielder can catch it.
You may be thinking of the opposite, a fan reaching over the wall.

Maybe. Thought it worked both ways.

Boo! Boo! Hiss!, Double Raspberry on top. I’ve forwarded your comment to the House UnAmerican Activities Committee. Talk like that needs to be investigated.

Did we just become best friends??

The NHL sold a little more of their soul with that deal. It’s impacted the scheduling of games they need to fill a time slot. Their announcing crews, save one, are pathetic. The studio crews started poorly, but have improved. Games are now also shown on TNT, ESPN and the NHL channel. I don’t know what the access of those channels to streamers is. The worst thing is that there are 7-10 games per team per season that are shown exclusively on ESPN+ or one of those affiliated channels. Even the local broadcasts are blacked out for those games.

I subscribe to NHL Center Ice, which carries all the games except for those on one of the ESPN affiliated stations, and most are shown with each local broadcast.

I get it, but since the Fox Sports regional was bought out by Bally, I couldn’t get the Blues or the Royals.
At least now I can get the Blues.
The Royals quit focusing on baseball and the fans and are 100% focused on how to screw taxpayers to pay for a new stadium.

Nah…its just different. Its the only sport that the defense has the ball. My older son grew up playing high-level travel baseball. I really miss those days…lots of fun watching kids compete.

How long ago?
IMO, the youth game has changed, it is too cut throat today.

I bet you don’t miss the cost.

His last season was 5 years ago. I do not miss the cost…which was about $4-5k annually. It has become a lot bigger in the last 10 years as more money has entered the game. There are a lot of really good kids at younger ages and MLB is in great shape for the foreseeable future.

My son quit playing baseball at 11, I was a little disappointed at first, but in retrospect, I am kind of relieved.