Most American car company?

My Ram 1500 was assembled in Mexico.

My Ford Maverick was made in Mexico. My guess the labor is super cheap compared to the UAW rates. Probably more from the big 3 will migrate to Mexico.

It’s about 1/4 the cost.

I suspect after this most recent strike, more will move to Mexico. Trump put a provision to prevent this but with the new demands from the unions, it’ll be cheaper.

That’s your NAFTA, as pee rot called it Giant sucking sound.

My Toyotas were made in San Antone and in Indiana, I think.

Cheap goods come @ a price. Automation as opposed to offshoring is a bigger threat even to govt employees

A happy medium is making cars in right to work states. This avoids strikes and collective bargaining

I am ok with more expensive goods if they are truly made in America as long as they’re not union made

Getting paid a lot for a non-skilled job simply raises the price for everyone; it is why the minimum wage should be low. Wasn’t Toyota more American than Honda or Subaru or Chevy for awhile?

Ford has been building cars in Mexico for some time. My parents had a 2010 Fusion that was built in Mexico. I drove that car for awhile after my mother died, and it was a nice road car.

Ever since nafta they’ve been pushing more to Mexico.

It’s odd the democrats support unions then create a policy to screw unions.

Not a ford… My 1964 John Deere 3020 propane tractor was made in Mexico. Making things cheaper south of Texas has been happening for a long time my lots of major American companies.

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