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Who is the well known actor in this 1940 photo

Hint: He started out on radio and subsequently starred in a number of movies and Broadway plays but he is best known for his role in a popular fifties TV series that took place in Brooklyn, NY

Robert Stack of the untouchables?

No it was a comedy TV series

Ralph,the neighbor on the honeymooners?

WTG Sister - You are correct about the neighbor on the Honeymooners but Art Carney played Ed Norton and Jackie Gleason played Ralph Cramden.

I thought it was Eddie Haskel, but too early.

Good guess, I was drawing a blank. The last time I remember seeing Art Carney was on an episode of Alice in the late 70’s or early 80’s.

BTW Ed Norton was the neighbor on the honeymooners, Jackie Gleason was Ralph.

The top photo has three people from the sixties and the bottom photo has the same three people three decades later. Who are they?

Hint: The little girl is staring at her brother who is a Jem

Pic is from “To kill a Mockingbird”, Gregory Peck, don’t remember the two kids names. The girl’s character was “Scout” if I remember.

@branchkin - that is correct. My hint is a clue for the boy’s name in this movie

This is a photo of a bridge on the day that it opened in 1931. Which bridge is it.

Hint: At the time it was built it was twice as long as any other suspension bridge.

George Washington Bridge!

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Very good Price Performer! You are correct

The top photo was taken in 2022 and the bottom photo was taken in 1975. Who are these actors?

Michael Caine (now 90) and Glenda Jackson (just died at 87)

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