More Trivia from Photos

Who is the actress in this 1925 photo

Hint: she is very young in this photo but subsequently became the first woman to run a major TV studio.

Lucille Ball?

mcarley - Yes! She looks very different in that photo than she did in later years.

Who are the two actors in this 1951 photo holding their child


It is a different couple. Hint: Have you ever been to Key Largo?

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

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WTG Jimtoo - You are correct

Explanation of my hint: “Have you ever been to Key Largo”

It was an excellent movie.

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Interestingly, when Sidney Poitier died, I think BM was the one who recommended the film “To Sir, With Love.” At that time, I put it on the top of my Netflix DVD list. It still says “very long wait.”

Before anyone asks, yes, the old Netflix DVD service does still exist and I still have it. That way, I don’t have to get EVERY streaming service.

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You can try this:

$3.99 if you are Amazon Prime. It’s also on Turner Classic Movies (which we used to get until Comcast shuffled their packages).

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner is also excellent.

I saw GWCTD years ago and there’s another one I saw was available free on Amazon or one of the services.

This is free to Primers and worth a watch.

jimtoo - I, also, loved that movie. It is the last movie that Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy made together because Spencer Tracy died shortly after it was filmed. This scene from Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner still makes me tear up after all these years.

BM, I also recommend Desk Set, with Tracy and Hepburn. The interplay between the two is wonderful. To drop back 20 years from that movie, The Thin Man movies with Myrna Loy and William Powell are truly excellent for their day.

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I think I’ve seen that one.

Who are the actors in this 1962 photo

Hint: A few years after this photo was taken the male actor on the left dated President LBJ’s daughter but they never got married.

Who is the actor in this 1931 photo

A wild guess - George Hamilton and Carol Lynley