More Songs that Make us Think

I love the song “The Way We Were” but can’t stand the character that Barbra Streisand played in that movie. However, Robert Redford was very easy on the eyes then so he helped compensate for her :grin:

Not exactly a song. Beginning narration is by the late Casey Kasem.

It might not seem so now, but this song was a bit risky for a country music song in 1967. I think I heard recently that someone was remaking it.

This song didn’t get as much attention as it should have.

It got some attention, not all of it positive. I liked it a bit, and the album.

My BIL had a country band in the Fresno area in the 90s. They opened for Paisley early in his career, said he was incredibly nice guy.

True, IMHO, the negative attention it got was from morons who didn’t want to hear the message

This is one of my favorite songs, written by Stephen Foster, one of America’s first great songwriters, back in the 1800s. People keep remaking it, so many different versions.

Another version of the same song.


In my opinion, Oscar Hammerstein II was the best Broadway lyricist whether he collaborated with Jerome Kern or decades later with Richard Rodgers.

He’s turning 80 this week.

Springsteen’s Nebraska album was so good, Johnny Cash covered two songs from it.

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