More proof that Daniel Snyder is a total bone-head - Jeff Bezos can't bid on his football team

Snyder is sore at Bezos for stories that the Washington Post ran on him and won’ let him bid on his team. Bezos easily could out-bid anybody for the team if he wanted to. If Snyder sold the team to Bezos for a very large bid, he could call it a victory for getting a king-sized ransom from the guy who trashed him. If Bezos didn’t put in the highest bid, Snyder could gloat over rejecting the same guy. And, having Bezos in the bidding can not hurt how high bids may go.

What does Snyder gain from keeping Bezos out of the bidding process now?

Edit: Here is another article which says that none of the bids that Snyder received met his $6 billion minimum.

At this point that team has to be considered a distressed asset with a lot of potential to be refurbished, not a crown jewel.

Amazingly, the last valuation of NFL teams estimates Washington at #6, at $5.6 billion.

Location location location!

Just think of how much more it would be valued if it had a competent owner and played in a decent stadium. For that matter, even a competent owner alone would make a big difference. The team did pretty well for itself and was valued pretty well when it played in old RFK Stadium, which was a dump itself.

Edit: I just looked at that list and saw where the Bills are valued above the Arizona Cardinals. I would doubt that very much based on the market sizes and stadiums for both teams.

I think he may just not want to sell the team.
So he is basically pretending to put it up for sale.

That is definitely possible. As of now, though, he is toxic and no locality wants to worknon a stadiun for the team as long as he owns it. He is pretty much in a rut now with that team.

If I were him I would see how much he could get, period, regardless as to how pissed off he may be at one of the potential bidders.

considering the turf destroyed RG3’s career

That happened at FedEx Field, the team’s current dump of a home.

correct sorry The turf still killed his career