More Biden humor

Four years of getting to make fun of Biden.


So, you’re going full QAnon.

What do you disagree with?

There is zero evidence of HRC, Biden, or any of the leading Dems being pedophiles. It’s a wacko conspiracy theory.

Where is that in what I posted just now?

That’s the first thought I had with the ‘conservative Latina’ quote.

If this Qanon thing takes off or lasts more than a week I’m outta here. I’m no great social crusader but reading this stuff or replying to it makes me feel dirty and I’ve got better things to do with my time.

Have you not been watching the news and Epstein? That isn’t made up. It’s all legit that Epstein was sex traffic children.

What isn’t determined is who was involved and what role Epstein play in the government.

That’s all I’m federal court records. I suggest you read his first conviction and the liberties he was given that other prisoners were not.

To be clear I do not think joe’s pedo behavior is tied to Epstein. Still not clue who Q is. Never kept up what that.

Yes, Epstein was peddling in teenagers. And he was friends with both Bill Clinton and Trump, plus a few other powerful people. There’s a long way from that to QAnon, which alleges just ridiculously bizarre stuff that Trump is supposed to ferret out, any day now.

To be clear I’ve never brought up Clinton. I do not think Bill is a pedo. Bill just wants to sleep with people other than Hillary but that’s between those two.

Trump actually testified against Epstein. I do think he’s a pedo either.

Biden is the only one that there is proof is a pedo. A long record of inappropriate touching of people. It’s creepy.

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