Mobile wallets

It has taken me a while to come around to this technology, but it seems good to have a “wallet” app on your phone with credit cards. When at the register, you hold it up to the terminal and it gives a fake number to pay, said fake number that of course translates to your real account. Merchant never gets a real credit card number, which I think is cool.

Now having done this some on my iphone, I find it desirable and would like wife to be able to do the same thing. Only she uses an android phone, and I have yet to find an app that works like apple pay. Does anyone know of a decent app for android? Yes I know apple is evil, but google is more evil and we don’t want google pay…

Correct. When I hear people say they avoid Apple because it invades their privacy or some shit & then they whip out an Android, I laugh at them.

I have an i-phone because my family wants me to have one, and it was not worth the fight.
I don’t like how safari, so I use google chrome on it, I don’t like apple maps so I use google maps, I do like the messaging app better.
I also don’t like apple wallet, I tried to use the wallet on my fitbit but neither of my cards are compatible.

I have a samsung phone and I use samsung pay sometimes. My credit card it linked up and I can pay with my phone.

OK Good so target phone is a galaxy a21. About 18 months old as I recall.

Goto android app store and EVIL google loads google pay when you ask for samsung pay.

Go find it in samsung space and the phone is not compatible!

Frustrating! This is why I am an iphone convert after many years; it just works better, and even my work-issued iphone 7 is kept up to date. I don’t think you can say that for any contemporary android phone of any brand.

Thus it looks like we are back to square 1 for a wallet app.

I have finally decided to use a digital wallet, and this thread and your reply make a great place to start.

I too have a Samsung Android with Samsung Pay installed. I did a bit of Googling on the subject, especially comparing Samsung Pay to Google Pay, and many articles seem to say that Google Pay is slightly better than Samsung Pay but that there is not a really significant difference.

So, to everybody here, can you add your opinions and experiences with digital wallets, especially for android users.

Slightly off topic here then… My iphone is a 2020 SE. Only wife wants something a little bigger.

When I go compare (at phonescoop) I find that the fingerprint reader is fairly limited in iphones, only noted on SE series and 8 / 8 Plus. It is quite handy, and I doubt the newer ones lack it, but I think the characteristic is that in these phones the reader is stand alone. Meaning it does not send fingerprint up to some mother ship, where all the other iphones do.

Does anybody know if my guess is correct on the fingerprint reader?

I used Google Pay on my last phone, it worked great and I used it often, unfortunately my new phone does not have NFC so it won’t work with tap to pay. You can still use Google Pay without NFC, but I haven’t tried it.

Personally I’d like to use my phone for everything I carry in my wallet such as drivers license, insurance cards, credit cards, ATM card, etc.

Edited to add I’m glad stores got away from their stupid keychain barcode members cards and now you just enter your phone number.

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