MLB Manager So Busy Being Woke, He Made Mistake Even Little Leaguers Would Laugh At

When McGee tried to enter the game, the umpires informed Kapler he had not listed McGee on the roster card. MLB managers exchange roster cards with each other before each and every game, and listing all eligible players is a basic task each manager is expected to complete.

All right, this one is really funny!!

It’s funny, but it has nothing to do with Kapler’s decision on the anthem. The author is just trying to take a cheap shot by linking the two.

Every so often a manager makes a bone-headed mistake that you just can’t believe. As an example, I remember once many years ago when a manager submitting the wrong line-up card which resulted in his team being called for batting out of order.

More recently, Tony La Russa, who has been quoted as disagreeing with Kapler, did not understand the rules on extra innings. I wonder if the writer of this article would attribute that to La Russa’s politics.

Still funny.