Mizzou is the back up QB capital

Chiefs just signed Blain Gabbert to back up Mahomes.

Just remember that Gabbert lost his job to Kaepernick during the 2016 season.

Who is still in the league?

Just showing how he stacked up against a guy no longer in the league

If I were a Chiefs’ fan, this news would be a letdown for me.

One QB accepted their worth, the other one overestimated theirs.

If Mahomes goes down, how confident are you about how the Chiefs will do with Gabbert? Do you think they could do better for a back-up?

For me, the answers would be “not very confident at all” and “yes.”

Depends on how long?
One drive, one game, etc?
There is literally no back up in the NFL that can replace Mahomes, what Andy Reid looks for is someone who knows their role, and is intelligent enough to run the system he has in place. Gabbert fills these roles perfectly.

I am not versed enough on all 32 backups in the NFL, but if Mahomes goes down for any length of time, no back up, or realistically 3/4 of the starting QB’s in the league would be capable of replacing him.

That fact has nothing to do with football ability.

Maybe not, more to do with realizing your value.