Missing a certain type of mail

USPS has generally been pretty reliable here. But…anyone ever not receive a certain type of mail?

I get a number of newsletters and similar such from organizations I either donate to or ones that wish I would or whatever. Like Doctors Without Borders newsletter for example. I read them when I can get to them, and often they pile up.

Seems they’ve diminished in the last few months and I haven’t gotten any for a while. I got my alumni magazine a couple of weeks ago and quickly realized I had missed the previous edition. But I think I’ve not received any other magazines or newsletters in at least a couple of months.

Actually, mail has not been reliable for the last several months. I subscribe to Informed Delivery and there are many times an items will scan and it wont show up at the house for a week or more. I don’t remember when this started but it was sometime in the late fall of 2023.

One of our good friends daughter is getting married in a couple of months. The invitations were sent out on March 1. Only 5 people out of 200 had received them by March 22nd. I have had numerous online bill payments take more than 2 weeks to be received. There are many vendors that we deal with that will not accept mailed checks anymore due to the delays with USPS.

Not exactly sure what is going on…but the service has clearly degraded in 2024. We have a neighborhood FB group and there are complaints daily about when the mail will show up. We receive service max of 5 days per week as there is at least one day where it doesnt get delivered.

Interesting. As far as I know, I haven’t missed any seriously important stuff, but only one or two bills come through the mail these days. We are getting stuff. My kid is in high school, so he is getting flyers for colleges.

I have informed delivery too. I haven’t noticed anything showing up there that doesn’t arrive.

My brother said the same thing, he’ll see the mail was scanned and then not show up for a week or not at all.

Informed Delivery will scan a sales flyer but won’t scan a 1st class piece of important mail. I do like that feature a lot, super easy to suspend delivery, I won’t be here most of April.

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