Misleading headlines

You mentioned in another thread about misleading headlines, and I welcomed you to our world.
Here is an example from the “paper of record” for Kansas City, the KC Star.
The headline would make you believe that vaccines are being discarded, but if you read 9 paragraphs down you finally realize that the vaccines aren’t wasted, but taken to another site to be distributed.


The information is in the 2nd paragraph. And, the vaccines were unused at the place originally intended, which, as the article points out, is concerning because they are struggling to figure out what the best method is to reach people in rural areas. It was pretty clear right away that the doses weren’t wasted, but still problematic that the population for which they were intended might still be underserved.

Fair enough, I missed that.

Actually, the population that they were intended are getting them.
The main complaint is that the urban leadership don’t agree with the Governors Tier system.