MFC Printer

Hi All,
Please share your experiences with multi function printers you have used. Do you prefer a Canon, Epson etc.
Just looking to color print, copy and scan. Fax is not needed.

If you have a particular model you like please list the number. As always Amazon reviews are all over the board.


I don’t have a printer at home, but when I was working, we shifted to Brother printers. They were all pretty good. We didn’t usually have multifunction printers, but based on their regular printers, Brother was great. We shifted away from HP I don’t know if they got better, but quality was lagging there for a while.

Thanks KC

Been all over the map here. Used to get cheap ink jets on black Friday. Tried a nice Brother duplexing laser a few years ago and won’t touch the brand again because of the totally awful support experience. Not to mention the printer went less than 200 impressions before I donated it.

Current experience is still a bit dated. My workhorse is a Samsung ML-2950 duplexing laser. Then a Samsung SCX-3400 for scanning. HP bought that Samsung line. I haven’t really gotten the 3400 to print. Finally I got a Xerox Phaser 6022 for color. All of them laser devices as I gave up on ink.

I currently have an HP 8725 (an HP 8720 but sold by Costco). I’ve had it 4-5 years and no problems have arrived yet. It scans, copies, prints and faxes (never used the fax or its web featurEs), has black and 3 color cartridges (all 952). I think the ink is overpriced, but I find ebay has the cheapest prices on them and I usually buy them there. Our prior printer was also an HP (8600 I think) lasted 5-6 years.

I think that model has been discontinued, but some still sell it. I think it cost about $150-160 at Costco.

Epson® EcoTank® ET-2720 SuperTank® Wireless Color Inkjet All-In-One Printer Got this in August and serves the purpose. Its wireless and prints quickly. No issues

I bought a dell mfc commercial laser printer. It’s 10 years old and works like a champ.

We have 2 Brother Printers a B&W Laser and InkJet Color.
Had them both several years… No Problems.
And Brother does not play the HP ink game.

Whatever Brother fits your needs, go for it.
BTW, whatever you decide search Amazon for replacement ink cost on that model.

The off brand Brother inks work great and are very inexpensive.
No need to spend $50 + for ink…

I had a Brother, and it was constantly losing connection to the wireless network, which was a royal pain to get back. Switched to an HP 9015 or something and it works much better.

Epson ET-2760, have had it for three months.

It’s fine. Ink lasts long time. No issues scanning. Prints on letter and photo paper.

Only problem is when printing an image on letter paper…horizontal lines show up. Troubleshooting unsuccessful.

Before this we had two different Canon Pixma models (MG5520 & MG7720). They worked fine for a while, though ink would run out quickly. Eventually they would break down irreparably. Nobody would or could fix them for cheaper than a full replacement.

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