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I personally think this is a good idea because it is a perfect example of a punishment that fits the crime. However, this will never happen for obvious reasons!

Criminal’s and welfare recipients are the democrats base, it would never pass.

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Masks mean you’re afraid to live? I traveled once a month and did plenty of living in peak Covid with a mask on. If I have to wear a mask again I’ll keep on living just fine.

That describes all the Biden supporters here.

Had to Google this as I wasn’t sure.

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Hurr durr “but the parties switched,” according to leftists.

The Fourteenth Amendment also established birthright citizenship. Are Republicans going to take credit for that?

And, the Fifteenth Amendment did not give all the right to vote. If it had, the Nineteenth Amendment would not have been necessary.

That is true because the 15h amendment gave Blacks the right to vote, but the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote was also primarily supported by Republicans. Most Democrats at the time were against giving women the right to vote.

According to actual historical events.

More like the parties switched their target audiences.


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Uh, no, it doesn’t.

Actually it does:

“Plishtim” is Hebrew for the Aegean invaders who
occupied the southern coastal strip of Israel. Transliterated into
English, “Plistim” becomes “Philistines”. “Palaestina” is the Latin
derivative of the earlier Hebrew. The original Plishtim, or
Philistines, were eradicated by the Babylonian Empire 26 centuries ago.
Arabic for Roman Palestine is Filistin."

“The root verb of the name is ‘pa•lash,’ which means ‘invader,’ intruder’ and ‘trespasser.’”