Medicare Wellness Exam

Kaiser PUSHES the Medicare Wellness Exam.

What do you think of it?

You have to answer a questionnaire and then you get to visit… usually from a PA, the focus is anything but a Comprehensive Physical.

I probably could have put this under Political. Many questions seem more focused to information gathering than my health.

I wonder if a copy is sent to the FBI.

They asked if I was depressed… YES, about the state of our country.

Have a friend that recently quit Kaiser. Used to hear their protocol from his descriptions of visits Their wellness exams were a joke. They did not even want to do blood panels unless he pushed them.

If you want to know what national health care will look like, you only need to look at Kaiser as a model.

My husband and I both have Traditional Medicare as well as a private Medicare Supplement Policy from Blue Cross. The advantage is that we can use any physician and medical center in the country that accepts Medicare. For common health issues it might not make a difference but if a person has a rare disease, places like the Mayo Clinic accept Traditional Medicare but do not accept Medicare Advantage Plans.