My gf was exposed to measles. Now I know most people don’t understand vaccines. That became evident during Covid when people expected it to stop covid 100% of the time.

I’ve probably been vaccinated for measles half a dozen times. My girlfriend has been vaccinated once.

At best her vaccine is 93% effective. Mine is 97% effective.

Just because someone is vaccinated doesn’t mean they won’t ever get sick.

So far neither of us have any symptoms.

I did reach my girlfriend how to identify who was the person infected. She was surprised how easy it was to figure out.

That’s where herd immunity comes in. With a high % of the population vaccinated, things like measles became harder to spread. If people stop getting vaccinated, it becomes a problem. We’re seeing more measles outbreaks now.

It’s a new strain. Appears vaccination does little to stop it. We got a call from the health department.

Good to know. Probably another Wuhan lab leak since the Chinese lab could do the gain of function research cheaper than the NIH so safety protocols be damned

I don’t know how much people are going to want to get vaccinated though. Isn’t herd immunity impossible for the flu or common cold but possible for the measles virus. I do support a vaccine mandate for measles but not for chicken pox or German measles or the Omnicron COVID as the death rate is so much lower

I do think a vaccine mandate with measles is far more appropriate due to its lethality at younger ages and level of transmissibility then COVID

I got the jab because I felt my risk of getting the original virus outweighed substantially the risk of the vaccine. But with omnicron, I just don’t feel it’s worth even the time to get the vaccine

Considering that your health department is most likely using data from the CDC. I would just dismiss it out of hand because they were so wrong with Covid.

No they used data from the local hospital. They know the person who was infected. It’s all been confirmed. Luckily she’s recovering without any issues