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It’s tough cooking for one and as a result, my diet has been “slipping” lately. I had tried a meal delivery service - Hello Fresh. the meals were good and I used it for a while, but it was kind of a pain cooking and cleaning up. I stopped and resorted to poor diet choices. My daughter is training for another bodybuilding competition, and she works 12 hour days at a hospital and I noticed she had something called “Cook Unity”. These are fully cooked and not frozen meals. They deliver 6 meals and you put them in the fridge and can either heat them in the over or microwave. I tried a week to see and I was pretty impressed. I wanted to see if they were just glorified Lean Cuisine or Stouffers. They aren’t. All of my meals were really good and flavorful. And very easy. It’s about $20 more than Hello Fresh, but for that $20 there is not prep or cleanup, and that was worth it to me. They have a great selection and there is info on the chef who created the recipe. Yes, I could buy stuff and make it myself for less, but I usually end up making so much that I throw a lot of it away. At any rate, for those flying solo, this is a pretty good alternative.

Cook for 2 and have the leftovers for lunch the next day.

While I admit that not doing that would be cheaper, in my opinion, and since it is my money, that’s the only opinion that matters, it’s worth the extra cost. Add to it that these are meals you might get at a “finer” restaurant and it makes it even better.

We used Freshly for a while when I was caregiving. They were OK, but we eventually got tired of them.

Sounds good, but I would be leery of eating something that had been in the fridge for 6 days and not frozen.

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Senior year one of my son’s roommates parents got him a subscription for HelloFresh and another one (maybe Home Chef) and none of them really cared for it, they were just meh and the portions were small.

My boss lives by herself and uses “warrior meals”.
She goes and picks up her meals once a week and puts them in the freezer.

YOu can freeze them if you want to. They aren’t flash frozen as many other meals are.

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