Maybe there is hope

Perhaps there is. I find it funny that people in cars will sit for a half an hour while a duck or goose crosses the street, but if a bicycle slows them down for ten seconds, they try to run you off the road.

My gf will pull over to carry a turtle across the street but will curse roadies.

Well we know Ducklings did not vote for Biden!!! :grinning:

Put this in the cuteness category also. My son has an used helmet sitting on a shelf in the garage. For the past 3 years, birds called Carolina wrens have made nests in the helmet.

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We saw and heard a lot of those wrens on our road trip. They can sing and squawk beyond their size.

Yes they are very loud. Also don’t seem to be afraid of humans. Here is a video of a Wren feeding from someone’s hand.

Same with me and we have a lot of both in my area. We have bike paths that run parallel with the roads but these idiots think they’re qualifying for the Tour de France. I don’t blame the turtles, they were here first, the Canada geese are a pain in the ass though.

Allow me to explain why that is. It’s not a bike path. It’s a shared use path. People in cars don’t like bikes because we only go 15 or 20 mph on streets. Walkers on trails don’t care for bikes passing them at 15 to 20 mph. Also…at cross streets, stops signs seem to be AFTER a driver crosses the “bike path”, meaning a safe ride is much slower AND a lot of slowing or stopping at intersections, even though we might have the right of way. Also, streets are safer for cyclists than shared use paths. Walkers tent to take up the whole path…kids are often running across the path, and people seem to love the flexi lead on their dogs…so that they and stand on one side of the path and the dog runs to the other. And we aren’t trying out for the tour de France…if they were, they would likely be going faster than you are in your car. They are simply commuting

But before you hate us too much, I’ll let you in on a secret…Canada Geese will stand in the middle of the road and stare at the driver who stopped for them…most likely giving them a nice goose laugh. When bikes come thru, they scatter. Think about it…while you were driving slowly behind a tour de France qualifier, how many times have you all had to stop for geese in the road?

Lol…just like cyclists riding in the street don’t like cars passing them at 45 mph, you’d rather inconvenience motorists than be inconvenienced.

Dude, I’ve never seen a cyclist make a complete stop at a stop sign and have seen many go through a red light is there was no traffic.

Not always.

Lol… even geese don’t like cyclists.

Here’s another…goose 1, cyclist 0.

Did you know that in many states, cyclists can treat stop signs as yield signs? ANd here’s something else…pay attention as you drive today and note the times that you don’t come to a full stop at a stop sign. In a two ton vehicle, this is perfectly acceptable, but a 20 pound bike going the same speed you went “just blew the stop sign”. Oh…and FWIW, I wasn’t slowing down the guy who hit me…he was coming off a side street and did a 'rolling stop" at an intersection faster than any cyclist I’ve know and hit me broadside. FWIW I am 6’4, wearing damn near glow in the dark yellow jersey, a 500 lumen strobe light on the front of my bike and still he “didn’t see” me.

Yep. We pay taxes for those streets, just like you do, so we’d like to use them. FWIW…gasoline taxes don’t pay for local road repairs. That’s property tax. We own property (most cyclists also own a car that they pay tax on) and we own homes, and pay taxes there. So yeah…we will.

And a friendly reminder - do you know how much room Illinois says you must give a bicyclist when you pass them? It’s in the handbook. So when you are pissed off because you were on a 45 mph road (which most here won’t ride in the city) and behind a “damned cyclist”, when you pass, be sure to obey the law. And while it’s rare, police WILL enforce a “passing too close” violation.

A quarter inch?


Cyclists can also receive a violation for causing an accident.

That’s one of the least informative articles I’ve ever seen. Was the cyclist riding westbound in the eastbound lane? Stupid practice and illegal. Did he have lights? They are required for night riding in most states. I was obeying every law, riding on a marked bike route, in the “proper” part of the street…and a guy in a car runs a stop sign and hits me broadside, totaling my bike and breaking my clavicle and bruising my right side pretty badly. He didn’t even get a ticket. And he wasn’t even hurt. I’m sure you can find exceptions for everything. So go ahead and pass a cyclist with a quarter in clearance. if you misjudge and hit him, odds are you won’t be in any big trouble. FWIW - it’s 3 feet. Most people don’t seem to know that.

But also think about this - if you want to be cute and pass within a quarter inch and end up hitting and killing a cyclist - it’s a helluva thing to live with, even if you don’t suffer legal consequences. Because when you willfully do that, then it’s not the cyclists fault. I’m not sure I could explain away killing someone by trying to blame them. But I’m sure you’d try… He should have been on the bike path.

The article was not very well written. I had to read it three times to see this one sentence:

He was issued a citation for lack of proper lighting on a bicycle.

Stupid cyclist. Just like there are stupid drivers. Riding at night without lights is about as smart as turning on Autopilot in a Tesla an leaning back to watch a Netflix movie…you can’t fix stupid.

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