May humor

If I recall correctly, CDs became more popular than cassettes somewhere around 1994. They remained popular until streaming overtook them. The one that was definitely less popular was 8-tracks, which were just a bad technology.

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100% agree

I looked up the Pearl Jam record Ten used on Discogs, vinyl from $29, CD from $2.49 and cassette from $6.99.

I had an 8-track in my car and at home. Nothing enhances the music like a loud clunk when the tracks switch. Just another part of my musical menagerie that we moved cross country and then sold.

@jimtoo - I am old enough to remember when there were a set of 78 rpm records that came in a box for the musical score of a play before you could get the entire musical score for that play on one LP record

I can’t stop laughing at this

SCTV was quite possibly the best skit comedy of all time!

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This is why Twitter is better under Musk!


I do miss this strip that our Florida papers carried. Gentle, clever humor on most days and usually spot-on in its observations of everyday life.

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Sad but true.

The wolf is the FBI and the sheep and smart kid are Conservative’s

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