Matt Rhule

A good coach just became available for my Huskers!!

I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Lincoln.

I have said it about 1000 times, coaching in College and the NFL are two different animals.

Why can NFL owners not learn this?

Literally just had that conversation with a friend of mine.

Doing a quick look, most owners have zero football experience when they buy the team.

One would think GMs do.

In the NFL general managers are more often equals to the head coach as opposed to their bosses. And, quite often the owner is the one who makes the final decision on the head coaching hire.

Pretty sure Andy Reid got John Dorsey fired in KC

The Bills hired Sean McDermott first as coach and then Brandon Beane as GM afterwards. Both had worked together in Carolina, and McDermott probably had some influence over Beane’s hiring.

I am glad both are in Buffalo instead of Carolina.

I want it to be known I am smarter than people getting paid to do the job.

If you were Rhule, what would you do? I would wait until the end of the year to see what iobs open and then go from there. Like the article said, he will still be getting paid by the Panthers during this time.

Wisconsin and Nebraska currently have openings.
Nebraska may end up a victim of their success if Mickey Joseph keeps winning.
I like him, but I am not sure he is ready for a full time HC job, but if he keeps winning and put Nebraska in a bowl game or the Big10 champ game you almost have to keep him.
But if you hire someone else (Rhule, Stoops, etc.) can you really expect them to keep him on, or him to be happy to be relegated back to Assistant?