Marijuana rescheduling

About time

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What about cannabis psychosis? It is known to trigger paranoid schizophrenia.

This has to be the easiest decision ever. About time was close to a century ago, or whenever it was put on schedule one in the first place.

I worked with addicts for over 10 years and have never even heard of it, much less witnessed it.

Edit to add: Just looked it up, it is possible .0027 percent of the time.

The paranoia happens most often when you used a leetle bit too much and usually passes after coming down from the high. Don’t ask me how I know.

With this change, can Willie Nelson continue to call himself an outlaw?

Waylon used to say the most outlaw thing Willie ever did was double park on music row.

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Used to have a joint maybe a couple of times a year. Haven’t smoked one in about 10 years now.

Anyways about 4 months ago, my son gave me a cookie that was “loaded”. Ate about 1/2 a cookie and then 1/2 an hour, ate the other half. Felt nothing.

About 2 months ago tried another one[ate the whole cookie at once]. Was waiting and waiting…felt nothing. Then it kicked in after about 2 hours.

Felt nauseous and started throwing up. Felt rotten and waited until the effects wore off.

Guess you can OD on the stuff. No more loaded cookies for me.

I have a couple of buddies that I refer to as Cheech and Chong.
I don’t imbibe, but they sometimes try to get me to.
We had a golf outing and one of them brought a huge tupperware of “loaded” cookies.
I texted my wife and told her they were trying to trick me since they know how much I like to eat.

Sounds like what happened to me. I first tried gummies and didn’t like the feeling. Then my adult grandson brought over a MJ vape pen. The room started spinning and I threw up about 4 times. I’m never going to try MJ again, or chicken pot pie.

I know about this from someone else. Their daughter smoked weed and triggered her schizophrenia.

I believe that you have to have the schizophrenia genes (not really genes…) and smoking weed can trigger the schizophrenia. Not to say that something else like a traumatic event can also trigger it. My wifes uncle is a MD and we were talking about this a few months ago. He was commenting that he has seen multiple patients with this after they legalized the medical weed in OK.

I am not saying it doesn’t exist, but the data shows that it can occur in less than .0027 percent of people.,of%20cannabis-induced%20psychotic%20disorder.

And it’s in the news…