Frequent travelers: what is the best luggage? Need to get some better stuff and we have a couple of trips planned next year. First time outside North America. (I’ve been to Canada and Mexico).

My only suggestion is that it have wheels that roll in all directions.


I love my Tumi. I hate the price. I travel weekly in most cases. It is designed for the road warrior.

If you travel that often, worth the price, no?

I have a $100 Samsonite hard sided carry on I bought like 10 years ago that’s been on a couple dozen trips that’s held up well.

Look into packing cubes and Google how to pack a suitcase.

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Tumi is amazing but could be overkill for mcarleys needs. But you buy it once and it lasts for decades.

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luggage takes a beating. When it leaves your hand, it is probably thrown around and or dropped at least a dozen times before you get it back. Plus all the friction from the belts is also rough on it.

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Carry on or larger checked luggage? I always use a carry on but have had to check it a couple times, that’s why I like the hard sided. The best travel advice I’ve received is take twice as much money and half as many clothes.

Both. A set would be nice, smaller carry on for short trips, larger for longer ones.

We have two Briggs and Riley semi soft roller cases. I use semi soft because the outers are a thick woven material. They’ve taken a few plane rides and been in and out a car trunk dozens of times, and rolled across some questionable pavement. No damage or wear after 6 years.

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I use to love Samsonite but its quality has decreased in recent years. Now I prefer Travelpro because of its combination of quality and lightness.

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They’re changing the size of carryons. My old one is to large now.

I used to sell luggage at Neiman Marcus back in the 70’s. Our three biggest sellers were French Luggage Company, which was softside with very intricate designs…made it much easier to spot at an airport carousel. The next was Louis Vuitton, which I thought then (and still do) was ugly as hell. But everybody knows you spent a ton of money on it. The other brand was Hartman. We pretty much only carried the Tweed line, which is still made today. Hartman was tough as hell - I still have the suitcase my mom had since 1980, but I’m not sure of the quality today. Of course, back then, air travel was a luxury and not a tryout for MMA.