Let's Go Brandon

There is a viral video of a wrestling tournament with the kids doing a “Let’s Go Brandon” chant making its way around the interwebs. The tournament was literally 2 miles from my house, I was not there that day, but the next day I was there coaching my niece.

A couple of points.

  1. I am not a fan of the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant, it was funny for about a week, and has been played out.
  2. A State Legislator (GOP) shared the video, not a fan of that.
  3. The KC Star labeled it as “indoctrination”, which is absurd.
  4. This was a private event, not affiliated with any school or State Athletic Association.
  5. I am 95% sure this was not started by an adult, but by the kids themselves.
  6. Combat sports are dominated by Conservative personalities, the fact that this happened at a wrestling tournament and not a baseball game does not surprise me.