Lawmakers May Finally Update Strict SSI Rules

I’m not holding my breath on this ever happening.

From the link:

In the case of SSI, as of its last adjustment in 1989, enrollees cannot have savings of more than $2,000 as an individual or $3,000 as a family. Furthermore, SSI beneficiaries are prohibited from having retirement accounts, life insurance policies, certain types of personal property, funeral/burial policies, and access to other types of income.

If someone has assets they should use them before having taxpayers foot the bill, the same with Medicare paying for long term care for seniors.

I think you mean Medicaid, not Medicare. Each state sets Medicaid rules and most have rules on asset limits and many take liens on property when Medicaid spends money on a property owners behalf.

You are correct, I meant Medicaid.

If we allow people to have assets, we reduce the need for social work and administrative costs of govt programs. Strict cutoffs are a detriment to productivity and encourage people to become bums.

Instead of disqualifying people who have assets, have a surcharge tax for electing to remain on assistance to have a self-funding mechanism. A person should have to pay a % of income to receive assistance

So if someone has $100,000 and gets $24,000 in SSI because they earned a lot of $$$ before becoming disabled, they should have to pay 30% of the $24,000 and 30% of the income they earn on the $100,000.

So if the person has a $28,000 income, they should have to pay $700/month towards housing