Late to the party

Some of us have been talking about this since the beginning.
Hell, my work still takes our temperature upon coming in every morning.

Temp checks might have a small bit of value (though not a lot), if they were accurate. These touchless ones aren’t very accurate. I had one, at my doctor’s office (which makes it funnier), and the person read me at 75.9. I told them “if that was right, I would be dead,” and she took it again, got a slightly higher temp, but one that would have still had me close to or near death, and walked away. As long as I wasn’t high, she didn’t care.

A lot of these are silly, but not harmful. The ones that drive me nuts are the people using plastic gloves in the fast food drive thru. That is counterproductive; now, they’re carrying germs from person to person.

Now, some of the places will give you your drinks, but the straws are inside the bag, which you get two minutes later. So, you’re sitting there with a drink you can’t touch. And Taco Bell and a couple of others added little seals to the bags as though those do …something?

My work has lifted the mask mandate as long as you have had both shots. It’s an honor system, they aren’t asking for proof of the shots. So you’d think everybody would go maskless, people that won’t get the shot would just lie about it. Rather mask wearing seems to be an anti-vaxxer rallying cry, they wear the mask and when somebody asks about it they go into untested vaccines and the sheep that get them.

There’s a guy at work who I knew to be a Trumper but not an anti-vaxxer, he seems reasonable most of the time. I asked why he was still wearing a mask and he launched into a rant about the vaccine. I literally said, I don’t care and walked away…lol! Guess I was in bad mood or something.

I work at a college. There’s a decent chance I’ll still be wearing a mask for the fall term. Not required for students (yet) and the statewide mandate ends tomorrow, but schools and colleges may keep them longer.

My office only shut down for 8 business days. We never had a mask mandate, never had temp checks, never had any of the idiotic things that most do. We just all practiced social distancing and limited number of people in conference rooms. This was non mandatory but was just accepted by us corporate office workers. We were asked to stay home if sick or in close contact with someone that was. We never had an issue. I have probably wore a stupid mask 10 total hours since the start of this mess. The field workers had a big formal process but it was a bigger risk due to the nature of the work in close proximity with shared underground ventilation.