Kudos to Mark Cuban for his prescription drug initiative

Clark Howard podcasted an interview btwn himself & Cuban today. Cuban is launching an entrepreneurial endeavor to compete with pharmacies.

Here’s the kicker: No insurance involvement allowed. Get rid of the unproductive middle man.

More of this please. :+1:

We looked into Cost Plus for a couple of meds that we have recurring. As they grow out their list of available prescriptions this will become a better option for people.

I just checked the one I take, about $9-11/90 days with goodrx and $12.50 with Cost Plus (shipped). Similar variances for my wife’s. The cost comparisons they show on their web site are not really realistic for anyone with access to Costco, Walmart and many groceries and pharmacies. Maybe they do better with more expensive drugs.

One correction:
Apparently they are willing to work with insurers, but not the Big 4. The idea is to break the oligopolistic stranglehold.

The paradigm is to use a flat markup of 15%, plus $3 processing fee, plus $5 shipping.

Clark slyly called him out on the spot, that this is very similar to Costco’s model. This will also potentially be a tough path to success, because the other industry players could form a cartel and box them out.

It’s ballsy. I want more. Capitalism works because people have the guts to play a hand when the odds are low.

Except oil companies who feel the odds of the government revoking drilling permits is too risky for them to use them.

That’s what the ACA should have done, but democrats and Obama chose what we have today instead.

Yep, leave it to KC to dig the one Eeyore comment out of his asshole.

Nope…just responding to the comment about capitalism working because people are have the guts to play a hand when the odds are low. OIl companies have permits to drill, but won’t. And hell…the odds are even BETTER for them, but they still are wary. I guess they just lack the guts.

The ACA was a tremendous windfall for the insurance companies…because it was mainly written by their lobbyists. As Pelosi indicated…no Democrat in Congress even read it…

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The biggest complainers about the current health care in America are the same people who supported the ACA but they refuse to blame the people that created health care today.

And yet…if we just left the government out of it, insurance companies would scramble to cover everything for everybody for a lot less money. I hear they are selling a bridge in Brookly that you guys might be interested in.

The ACA guaranteed a profit for insurance companies.