Kenny Chesney at Arrowhead

Went to see Kenny Chesney (I actually went to see Zac Brown) at Arrowhead Saturday night.
A few things;

  1. Kenny is great, last time I saw him he was drunk on stage, but he says he no longer drinks on tour so he can put on the show his fans deserve. I should be a bigger Kenny fan than I am, I like his music and won’t skip it on a playlist, but I don’t actively seek it out.
  2. Zac Brown has one of the best stage presence I have ever seen live. Jimmy Buffet is on top by far, but I would put Zac in the same realm as Metallica and Garth.
  3. Megan Maroney was amazing. She has modern look, but a 90’s country sound and style. She will eventually be headlining.
  4. Who would have thought Uncle Kracker would still be on his game? He was really good too.