Kellogg's customer files $5 million lawsuit alleging Pop-Tarts don't have enough strawberries

The horror of it all. I am sure this person was traumatized to the tune of $5 million from her disappointment. :grin:

We haven’t had a wacky lawsuit in a while, this should be interesting.

I love this part

But a new lawsuit claims Pop-Tarts are masquerading as a health food.

Umm… no… nobody thinks that.

I went through a nutrition course with Harvesters.
The filling has negative nutritional value.

Pop tarts are an indulgent snack. I eat them a couple times a year because they taste good.

I don’t confuse that with being good for me.

At the time it was my breakfast of choice.
I might as well have been eating a cup of sugar.

Come now. You got your dose of fiber too - and some vitamins. :grin:

I can’t find a single grape in my Grape-Nuts Flakes… I’m going for $10 million. I’ve retained Rudy to present my case, even he might win this one.


THat’s what my doctor told me about oatmeal

I don’t eat oatmeal much anymore.
But when I did it had butter, heavy cream, and brown sugar, you know, super healthy.

A big reason why products and services cost so much in the US…liability lawsuits and the corresponding insurance companies must carry.

This is one of the main factors driving health care cost that very few people talk about when comparing our system to other countries.

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