Junk texts

How do you stop junk texts. There is one that I get a few times a day and nothing I have tried works including silent text, as well as delete and report spam. These texts always include a link to click to stop future texts from them but for obvious reasons I won’t click that link.

I don’t think there is a way to stop them. The problem is that some of my doctors will send appointment reminders via text, but if I don’t have the text number in my contacts, I sometimes have trouble recognizing them immediately. Personally, I think some sites or apps that are using “two factor authentication” by sending a text might be selling numbers. And since they can “spoof” numbers, deleting and marking them as junk is pretty useless and they’ll just spoof more numbers.

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Block the number.

Most of the ones I get lately are trying to buy my house. Or my mom’s, which is strange because I’m not on any documents to my knowledge.

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But they’ll just spoof another. If you block a text from 555-1234, they’ll just spoof 555-9876 and you still get texts. I get a lot that look like a “wrong number” and it’s a message for someone else. If the more innocent days I might have texted back and let them know they texted the wrong number. Not anymore. If it’s a legit wrong number, it’s their problem, not mine.

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These are quite a scourge. These days I am getting many each day with the message, " you need to press 1 to take this call…"

Well I have tried a few from Unknown Callers and they almost always say nothing and hang the line. It’s easier to just delete the messages.


KC is right that it can be a whackamole thing, but I have noticed I tend to see repeat spams from the same number if I don’t block it.

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